10 staggering facts about South Korea


Learn new things about our world is always interesting and useful, so today I want to talk about South Korea, because most of the attention gets restless and closed its neighbor North Korea, and South Korea remains undeservedly forgotten. Despite the fact that it is a very interesting country, not only survived the Japanese colonialists, the intervention of the Soviet Union and the continued threat from Communist China, and took the 12 place in the ranking of the largest trading countries in the world. South Korea manufactures TV sets and gadgets are popular worldwide LG, great cars Hundai and KIA, smartphones and household appliances Samsung. I think this all can boast of this Eastern country? Of course not, because in this exotic country points of interest are found at each step, and I will let you know.

1. Reconstruction of crimes. Reconstruction of the crimes is one of the most important events in the country. During such reconstruction, a suspect in the crime of man forced to participate in a very humiliating public ritual, forcing to recreate his crime, in the eyes of the public and TV cameras.

2. Food delivery. Yes, delivery of food, in our time, of course no surprise, but only if it’s not Korean food delivery. In the country deliver food from any establishment, including fast foods, and later, personnel of the shipping service returns to you and takes home from under doors dirty dishes by you carefully put.

3. Male make-up. Cosmetics and make-up men in South Korea are addicted sometimes even much more than women. And even on the background that South Korean men had the reputation of a real macho, just one year, they bring the beauty industry up to $ 900 million, spending your money on the cream-base, anti-aging, eye cream, and skin cleansing compositions.

4. The Boryeong Mud festival mud. Since 1998 in South Korea attracts tourists EN masse, and all in order to visit the mud festival, which lasts 10 days, during which you can freely neresnitsa in the mud, forgetting the admonitions of parents of childhood — not to fall in the dirt, be clean and neat.

5. Robots. Robots in South Korea is not a gimmick and are actively used in the daily life of the country, and even in regular schools, as automated assistants, created in the framework of R-Learning. So, robots iRobi determine absent and present in class students, in parallel, asking them how they’re doing, and the robot dog conducts classes in gymnastics and dance.

6. Valentine’s day. Seemingly in celebration of Valentine’s Day may not be surprising, because he’s stuck in most developed countries, but in South Korea, this day is really special because he’s male. Valentine’s day women give their halves chocolate and gifts, but exactly a month later, on March 14, comes the women’s holiday, known as “white day”.

7. Age. Born in South Korea, the child loses a year of my life, and all of the adult population according to the documents a year older than it could be, because in the country it is considered that the newborn is already one year old — but not in time to be born and immediately first birthday.

8. The biggest Church in the world. The Church Yoido Full Gospel Church located in Seoul, and as of last year in that officially there were more than a million parishioners. Every Sunday the temple is visited by no less than 200 thousand people and hundreds of thousands of parishioners watch broadcast Church services online.

9. Baseball. In South Korea, baseball — the game is extremely popular, though it is somewhat different from the traditional American version called “yagu”. It is noteworthy that the popular baseball was in the country in 70 years, due to the fact that the ruler is a dictator of those times Chun Doo hwan decided baseball to distract the youth from politics and allow them to let off steam that had no time to organize rallies, demonstrations and coup d’état.

10. Blood group. For residents of South Korea blood, it’s not just the fluid in the body, delivering oxygen to all organs and systems, but also a way of defining your personality. Stereotypes about blood types so firmly taken root among the country’s inhabitants, even a soul mate they choose for blood group.

This here it is interesting and unique South Korea, and certainly worth visiting, if only to live to see the holiday dirt and adults frolic in the puddles.

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