Amazing facts about bears

1. The largest representative is bearish – Mongolian giant bear. This animal was two times larger than modern bears. He had insanely long legs, and he hunted for antelope. This animal went extinct about 12 thousand years ago.

2. The bear, unlike dogs and cats, while walking does not rely on the fingers, and on the whole foot. This peculiarity allows them to walk on their hind legs.

3. It turns out that in hibernate for a long period of not all representatives of these animals, but only those who live in areas with a variable climate. The inhabitants of tropical regions, and polar bear, in this dream do not go.

4. Interesting fact! During hibernation bears do not defecate.

5. Paws the polar bear are much wider than other bears. This characteristic allows him not to fall in the snow on land and in the water they paddle like flippers.

6. Brown representative of this family is not a goof, because he can run at the speed of 50 km/h. however, in a short time and at a distance not exceeding 400 metres.

7. It turns out that the hair coat of a polar bear is not white, and empty, transparent. In General, they work on the type system for the collection of solar energy. The black skin of the animal.

8. All the bears have 2 layers of wool. First – undercoat – preserves warmth, the second layer protects from water.

9. Mostly nobody eats bear meat, but occasionally there are exceptions. In 2010 the son of an important official in Azerbaijan in the restaurant, being in a drunken state, ordered to kill the speaker there the bear and roast him on a spit. The staff of this restaurant have appointed a very high price for this please – 1 million $. This young man, having hundreds of millions of dollars, agreed without even thinking. In the morning he woke up with a terrible headache and a very large bill.

10. The bear is one of the few animals that see color pictures.

11. Polar bear have a very large stomach. It holds about 70 kg of meat!

12. Bears, it turns out, have a semblance of logical thinking and can specially hide her tracks, going backwards, for example.

13. Mostly bears are born completely without fur, only giant pandas and polar bears are born with white fluff small.

14. A newborn brown bear weighs less than a pound. However, by middle age his weight increased one thousand times. If people also gain weight, then to manhood they would be weighed by 6 thousand kg.

15. Bears – the only predators that feed on plants. Because of this, they have different teeth: some are for meat, and others – for the grass.

16. Because of the stiff plant stalks, bears to end of life erase the teeth at the root.

17. In order to determine the age of the bear, we count under the microscope the rings of his teeth.

18. In some countries in the East Asia bears are almost not sacred animals. In these States, the people believed that bear bile can cure everything from a hangover to cancer and AIDS. It is logical to assume that in these countries, are even bear farm.

19. The claws on the rear paws of the bears less than the front.20. Most expensive gallbladder black bear sold in South Korea at auction for $ 64 thousand.

21. Funny! Those bears who live in Young America, called the spectacle.

22. It appears that the bears are also doing brain surgery! Many diseases from which people suffer, the bears also hurt. They may have a disease such as hydrocephalus (a disease of the brain). It leads to a very painful and slow death. The first bear, who had surgery to correct the disease, the animal became from Laos named Champa.

23. The average duration of bear life is 30 years. True legend was a bear named Andreas, who lived right up to 50 years!

24. On Earth there is one man who survived the attack of the grizzly bear. He pretended to be dead and because of this, the bear lost interest and left. This accident happened in 2008 in Canada.25. «Bearish” continent – North America. It is home to 2/3 of all the bears of the planet.

26. Important! Bears very rarely attack people. People for them – is completely incomprehensible beasts. You need to remember that they always respond to any manifestation of aggression and defend their territory.

Bears – one of the most popular animals on the planet, because in every family there is at least one plush toy. These animals, it turns out, most of them peaceful. Every year them becomes ever less. Keep the fauna of our planet!

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