Medicine Korea

In South Korea treatment is carried out on the most popular fields of dentistry:

dental implants

correction of a bone deficit

functional prosthetics

cosmetic dentistry

therapeutic and endodontic treatment

treatment gum disease

bite correction

teeth whitening

The pride clinic is the use of innovative technologies in the field of medicine and medical technologies and continuous research in the field of dentistry. All types of diagnostics are performed using the latest software and equipment. A broad research base allows for the treatment of the advanced methods using best quality materials.

The motto of the clinic doctors – “We not only create a healthy smile for You, but also help to regain self-confidence!”. Made in Korea treats its patients as family members: the patient will be happy – will be happy and the doctor. This attitude makes the stay in the hospital comfortable: Russian-speaking personnel will answer any question, thus will not have the problem of the language barrier in a foreign country. And the priority for physicians is an effective and painless treatment, comfort and safety of the patient. For therapeutic and endodontic treatment materials used are of the highest quality, and the aesthetic result is striking.

Dental implants in Korea

During the work of the clinic has installed more than 17,000 implants. Dental implants in South Korea is painless and non-traumatic procedure. For patients, panic afraid of surgery, will suit this type of anesthesia as sedation. Sedation occurs as a result of intravenous injection, the patient does not feel anxiety and fear, not even feeling time: three-hour operation is therefore perceived as a procedure, which lasted no longer than 15-20 minutes. Unlike General anesthesia, breathing is not impaired, the patient remains conscious and responds to verbal instructions of a physician.

The clinic operates one of the leading Swedish implant system – Nobel Biocare. In the clinic, the technology used, allows to have dental implants with insufficient bone tissue (atrophy). Preoperative examination takes no more than an hour, during this time held computed tomography and 3D modeling, the results of which produced a temporary prosthesis. Surgical template is created the exact denture that can be installed already on the day of surgery. This implantation has many advantages:

three-dimensional computer-aided diagnosis and modeling

the minimum treatment time

prosthesis the day of surgery

healthy teeth patient not injured

the most modern anesthesia

chewing load is distributed properly

the highest rate of survival rate of implants

opportunities for aesthetic prosthetics

Prosthetics in Korea

Prosthetics is important from several points of view: functional and aesthetic. The tooth should fully implement all its functions, to have a beautiful and natural look. The implantation of the implant restores the functionality, and to achieve good aesthetics allows the prosthesis, which is collateral and a beautiful smile. Tooth shape, color, fit of the denture to the gum, the combination of implant and natural teeth teeth should all have high aesthetic appeal.

Our doctors adhere to the teeth preserving therapy concepts: this means that until recently, trying to maintain their patient’s teeth by using various types of prosthesis.

Prosthetics on implants have a wider choice variety of materials from metal-ceramics to Zirconia allows you to restore any number of teeth from a single of absence to an entire dentition.

Installation of ceramic crowns can be produced for only 2-3 visits. Light transmission of this design is that the frame is missing metal or gold. It’s the closest crown for aesthetic qualities to natural tooth.

For correction of chipping, roughness and pigmented spots doctor-prosthetist will choose a veneer (a thin pad on the tooth), choosing the shape and color of the tooth so that it was no different from the rest of the patient’s teeth. Depending on the types of dentures, the clinic provides a guarantee up to 10 years for exploitation of artificial teeth.


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