Memoirs of the year on Golden week.

When the Japanese learn that in Russia there are protracted may holidays, they look at each other with understanding: from the Northern neighbors, then there is also the Golden week. To this phrase – the Golden week – the inhabitants of the island nation accustomed from childhood. After all, the holiday on Golden week here – it’s practically a national duty. What are they – may day – in the land of the rising sun? About it tells the correspondent of “New News” in Tokyo.

At the may holidays, the Japanese don’t go digging in the beds – they prefer to travel.

That is celebrated in early may, will tell you not every Japanese. This is understandable: the reasons for the may celebrations in Japan periodically changed so drastically that modern man, even if he is a native resident of the country, it is no wonder to get confused. Thus, on 29 April (first day of the Golden week) for a long time was celebrated as the birthday of Emperor Hirohito. When in 1989 Emperor, who ruled the country more than half a century, died April 29 as a Day of greens. In 2007, this holiday was moved to may 4. On April 29 and established a Planting Day – a memorable date, dedicated a half-century period of Japanese history, when the monarch was Hirohito. In Japanese “Showa” – “Enlightened world”. This is the motto of the Board and the throne name of Emperor Hirohito.

In short, for any Japanese Golden week is Golden week just: the time of vacations and rest, when life in the country fades. How exactly – depends on the employer and the wishes of the islanders. Regardless of which holidays are celebrated officially, Golden week usually lasts from about April 27 to may 6.

Unlike the Russians, the Japanese are not running in the may holidays at the dacha. Weather unsuitable – too stuffy at that time in the mountains, where there are dachas. Therefore leaving their mountain houses before the Christmas holidays, the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun together going abroad. It seems that in those days, Japan is leaving the entire population. Students as a class under the supervision of teachers sent abroad (often in neighboring Korea or China). Ride – at the expense of the institution, of course.

Adults go on a trip collectively and also through the company where they work. The most popular routes to Shanghai and Hong Kong. Japanese also like to relax on the beaches of the Hawaiian Islands, GUAM, or somewhere much further away – in India or in Europe. This kind of trip is costing employers a pretty penny. But it’s amazing: they do not think to murmur. After all, spending will pay off. Trip organizing collective of their employees abroad, the boss can count on the write-off of certain tax amounts. If the employees during the year at the request of his superiors was held up at work longer than usual, there is a choice of: or pay overtime, or collective trip for Golden week. The second is less expensive.

In addition – and this is probably the main sense of collective journeys – not without reason it is considered that a joint vacation educates corporate solidarity that makes employees better understand each other, to feel involvement in the common cause. And employees in turn tend not to take time off from their foreign voyages. First, to travel, without children (although they sometimes can take on a trip) many want. Secondly, for refusing to travel with all the employee, as the employer may suffer financial. When the time comes to file tax returns, he pays more than his colleagues who went on Golden week overseas voyage.

Of course, in the Golden week, the Japanese are travelling independently. For example, they visit the graves of grandparents killed in the Second world war, somewhere in the fighting in the Philippines or in Siberian camps for prisoners of war.

Those who remained at home, open the door wide open – literally. Golden week in any passer-by can go to a stranger, to give him a gift. The idea that the stranger will not bring, but rather, will steal any thing, not even the Japanese come to mind. The crime rate is so small, and so the theft in Golden week – it’s something out of science fiction. In addition, the gift will certainly bring a relative, sjezdovky for the may holidays abroad. These keepsakes will be a solid high – toned bouquet of flowers that will give a stranger. Knowing this, sellers of Souvenirs in the places that tourists come from Japan, looking forward to Golden week. Because for them, as for many airlines and hotel owners, and come in really Golden days.

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