Sexual traditions of different peoples

Sexual traditions of different peoples

How often it happens that you are in another country or even another continent and am amazed at how different traditions people have. This applies to literally everything: manners to greet, to talk, to eat, to take care of loved ones. But even more interesting to learn about their traditions in terms of sexual relations.

In Micronesia, in many tribes women, before having sex with a man should arouse himself. For this they need the stinging ants. They release on a few dozen ants, and when the girl’s body crying out in pain, it is believed that it is the right time to have sex.

For example, if in Australia you will see that the two guys at the meeting touching sex members from each other, do not worry. In this way they Express the cheer and joy that met.

Very strange tradition originated in South Africa . Here it is tested the groom. Before taking to wife his beloved, he should have sex with her mother. And, not once, but as long as you need to prove that he is quite independent and will be able to create a family. Quite a strange tradition, isn’t it? In addition, before “meet the mother” the groom undergoes a complete body check from his future father-in-law. It checks healthy teeth, skin, sexual organs. In some African tribes there is a tradition of men — to cut yourself one testicle. This is a very painful procedure, and the man is not capable in a few weeks. All this is done to ensure that his family not happen. If they still are born, is considered a big shame and the whole family will be cursed.

Our grandmothers of old, tried to save her virginity until marriage. My virginity they gave to her husband and remained faithful throughout life. But here in Tibet, a young girl, married, must have a minimum of ten sexual partners. A girl is considered a very worthy bride, and many men even arrange fights for her.

Germany . like many countries, is famous for its promiscuity. The more the better. This is especially true during the Cologne festival. Then passing people quite really invite each other to have sex. This is considered quite normal, if people have sex while not knowing how to call each other.

Throughout Australasia, the bride has to keep her faithful to her husband until the wedding. However, three days before the celebration, the groomsmen deprive the girl of virginity wooden knife. Then, each friend having intercourse with the bride as much as you want. Then she passed into the hands of the rest of the tribe. And only after that, the girl marries and makes love with her husband.

In Equatorial Africa . when a girl is going to get married, it is sent to the jungle for the purpose of deprivation of virginity. This mission is provided to the male gorilla. If the animal does not bite on this girl, she wasn’t getting married ever, because it was considered a huge shame.

In Central Africa live the tribe shilluk. Headed by a tribe leader, which, in the opinion of the people, fills them, enriches and makes fertile land. This leader has the right to take to wife any woman that he likes, even if he has more than a hundred wives. Become the bride of the leader is considered very honorable, and if rewarded with it, then you need to follow a few rules. First, if you are the wife of the leader, it is so forever; secondly, you should honor and respect him, to carry out all his orders and whims. And most importantly, in any case, we cannot say that the leader does not satisfy her. It would put a shame on the leader, because such a person cannot draw energy and pass it on to his tribe. Such a girl expected the exile to places of honor and very painful death. By the way, the leader was also re-elected, and he was subjected to terrible executions.

In remote and small villages of Northern Kamchatka has been preserved very strange for our people tradition. When a guest comes to the house, the effect of good taste by the owner is to allow his wife to copulate with this person throughout the night. But if after that, the woman becomes pregnant, it is believed that grace and luck will accompany this family life.

In Japan and Korea a long time was born and still living tradition by stabbing himself in the groin with a Golden needle. This is their usual trick. And every girl does it at least once a day.

In Brazil in the tribe topinambo real men are those who have huge genitals. Such men can choose any bride. And even if the person is sick or ugly, any beauty happily agreed to become his wife. Those who have penis is smaller or even small, exposed himself to fierce tortures. Every day they went into the jungle, find non-poisonous snakes or insects and put them on your genitals, so they bite them. This led to the swelling of the penis, and only this man could take the place of honor of the groom.

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