Useful information about South Korea for travelers

Territory: the Republic of Kazakhstan is located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, extending in length from North to South about 1000 km, the Republic of Korea in the North it borders with the DPRK and from three sides washed by the sea. The area of the Republic of Kazakhstan — 99.6 thousand square kilometers or 45% of the whole territory of Korea.

The population is about 48 million people. The population density is among the highest in the world (about 470 people per 1 square km). RK is a mono-ethnic country.

Religion: Believers about 50% of them are Buddhists 46%, Protestant and 39% Catholic — 13%. The number of followers of other faiths is not great. A distinctive feature of South Korean society is toleration.

Climate: monsoon. The summers are hot and humid, the air temperature reaches +30° C. Winter is dry and cold, the temperature falls to -15° C. In April–may and September the weather is most comfortable from the point of view of traveling in Korea is warm and dry.

Time: ahead of Moscow in the summer for 5 hours in winter — 6.

Holidays and nonworking days: New year’s day (1 January), New year according to the lunar calendar (3 days in January or February), the anniversary of the independence movement (March 1), children’s Day (5 may), Buddha’s birthday (usually in April or may), memorial Day (July 6), Constitution Day (17 July), the Day of revival of Korea (15 August), thanksgiving (3 days in September — October), Foundation Day of Korea (October 3), Christmas (December 25).

Currency: won (1,000 Korean won is about 1 US dollar).

Transport: the flight from Moscow to Incheon airport (Seoul) — about 9 hours. Are also regular flights to Seoul and Busan from Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Yuzhno–Sakhalinsk, Novosibirsk (in summer also from St. Petersburg and Irkutsk). There is a ferry connection between the ports of Vladivostok, Zarubino and Sokcho.

Visa, border, customs, sanitary and veterinary control

Russian citizens arriving to the Republic of Kazakhstan on regular foreign passport, you must obtain a visa at the Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The basis for the issuance of a tourist visa (90 days) can serve as an invitation or a tour made through a travel Agency. A tourist visa costs us $ 30. USA. The visa processing time is 3 days. For full details on the procedure for issuing visas should contact the foreign representation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Customs rules: import and export without customs allowed no more than 10 thousand US dollars. You must declare the importation for personal use, followed by removal of jewelry, expensive watches, photographic equipment, furs and other expensive items.

Stamp duty is levied on the following imported goods: alcoholic beverages (more than 1 bottle. up to 1 liter), tobacco more than 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 250 g of tobacco, 60 ml. perfume. Prohibited for importation of coins, printed publications and other materials classified by the Constitution as “threatening public security”. Without special permission it is forbidden the importation of Antiques.

When the importation of Pets must meet a number of conditions, in particular, the presence of veterinary certificate of international standard with marks of vaccination done.

Detailed information about the current customs restrictions and veterinary control can be obtained at the offices of the Republic of Korea.

For more information

Currency exchange is exchanged in banks, major hotels, airports, and also in private exchange offices.

Shops: Major Department stores are open from 10.00 to 20.00. Small shops are open until 22.00. There are convenience stores.

Traffic rules harmonized with international ones. Russian citizens can obtain a local driver’s license upon availability of driver’s licenses of international standard. Movement in Kazakhstan is on the right.

Rail transport is less developed due to difficult terrain. Moving around the country by train last no more than 5-6 hours, the cars are comfortable. In 2004 was commissioned on super-fast Railways from Seoul to Busan. In the capital and the largest cities of the Metropolitan functions.

In South Korea developed system of intercity bus service is cheap, but not always the fastest mode of transport because of road congestion.

Communication: Well developed mobile communication system (CDMA), Internet. Country code — 82, code of Seoul is 2.


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