What kind of sushi in Japan

If my beer in the Czech Republic, if the cheese is in Italy, if sushi in Japan. Each country values its gastronomic brand. But if cheese and beer can still be imported, sushi certainly does. Therefore to try real Oriental food is possible only in the land of the rising sun. Do not rush with objections, saying that in Russia there are lots of restaurants with virtuoso sushi chef will prepare the finest nigiri and Sakaki.

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish, but the fashion of this Oriental food came to Russia not from Japan but from Europe and the USA. Fashion is fashion, and the Japanese dishes served in restaurants and cafes, are not always such, that is Japanese. Almost always seafood for sushi are raw, that is why real sushi, according to the Japanese, can be prepared only a short distance from the sea. Japanese never eat sushi in other countries, and even in its mountain part. The sea’s far away, so sushi will be a priori stale.

Sushi for the first time (that sounds so right the name of the dish) appeared in Japan in the heyday of Edo. The samurai thus snacking on the go. Prepared in a few minutes and ate. Therefore, we can say that the sushi is nothing other than the ancient Japanese fast food, but very tasty and most importantly — useful!

In Japan, sushi house nobody cooks, well, except that the rolls, but they are not similar to those that we eat. About “California” and “Philadelphia” here had never heard.

What kind of sushi in Japan, you will learn only in Japan. Take, for example, Tokyo. In the capital there are many restaurants and cafes, serving the best traditional dishes, including sushi. In a time when travelers are lured by the colorful signage, the Tokyo is going to feast on sushi at the Tsukiji port. Here next to the wholesale fish market has a huge number of small restaurants and sushi bars. Where else but here, you can find the freshest fish and most delicious sushi. But the tourists often ignore them and go on the market, take a look at exotic marine life. Go look and try the most delicious sushi. The local poor have not become.

Close to the fish market is one of the best restaurants Tokyo sushi — “Sushi Dai”. If familiar with Japanese help site with heaps of useful information about fish and the wound, and about this restaurant: tsukijigourmet.or.jp. In “Sushi Dai” it is better to go in the morning. While we were wandering through the market, the restaurant has already prepared sushi with the freshest fish, which is received at the port during the night. Therefore, an unusual work schedule: Monday through Saturday the place is open from 10:30 to 5 am the next day, Sunday — from 11:00 to 22:00.

What kind of sushi in Japan will demonstrate in another cozy establishment — at the sushi bar “Sushi Saito”. Google card kindly suggest how to get into it. For orientation: it is located near the building of the U.S. Embassy in Akasaka quarter. Bar at the top of the most popular, so reservations are required.

It is believed that sushi should only cook for the man, as the temperature of palms of men and women are different, so “female” sushi is not tasty. The Restaurant “Fukuzushi” his hoazin George Fukuzawa with his assistants will prepare the sushi before your eyes. Bread and circuses! To please the guests here trying. For ladies even fish pieces are cut smaller, so it was easy to eat. After all, sushi is not divided in half, and eat it whole. Delight in “Fukuzushi” and reasonable prices.

Sushi as fast food presented in the restaurant chain “Sushi Zanmai”. They spread out around Tokyo. To eat here at any time of the day institutions are working around the clock.

Not for mass visiting family runs the restaurant “Sushi Mizutani”, located in the Central Tokyo district of Ginza. Prepares the master here Mr. Mizutani, welcomes the guests and his spouse. Only 10 people can accept. Japanese traditional reception, according to the restaurant owners, should be held in the chamber atmosphere. Wanting to get into “Sushi Mizutani” is always much, that it just will not run to eat, reservations are required.

Not to strike in a dirt the person, have the opportunity to try the real sushi, try to eat them correctly. Sushi and sashimi is eaten with hands, rolls — sticks, which are properly called “Hashi”. It is much more convenient and, most important, conforms to tradition. Sushi and sashimi carefully take the edge of and dip into soy sauce with fish side. If you make it from rice, the Japanese believe that the taste will be forever spoiled. It is because sushi and sashimi are not eaten with chopsticks, good restaurants and bars to bring customers a special platter of warm moist hand towel. Modern Japanese etiquette prescribes women to eat only with chopsticks, and men can choose to eat with chopsticks or hands.

Being theoretically grounded, was left to learn the practical part. Right! Ah-Yes in Japan eating sushi!


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