Erotic in South Korea

Continue to section “Tourism ” and press “18+ ” article Erotica in South Korea — Park Hesinde . We have previously touched on South Korea — Jeju Island in South Korea. and Korean erotic — an erotic sculpture Park Love Land. Let’s continue the theme

Erotic in South Korea — Park Hesinde her concentration. And this erotica mostly phallus-oriented. In General, history such. Jesingen — it’s a Korean Park erotic tradition. Erotic — understandably so. And tradition is associated with ancient legends of South Korea.

The legend says that once upon a time on this coast, lived a beautiful girl who had a boyfriend. They enjoyed life in their youthful dreams, but on one rainy day the girl drowned and her beloved couldn’t do anything to help her… The girl’s soul, tormented by unfulfilled desires (to understand), are unable to get neither in heaven nor in hell and turned into a Ghost.

Since then, the sea could not rest and the elements one after another hit on this shore, fishermen feared to go fishing, and very often the bravest of them did not return to the shore… And once, one fisherman dared to put to sea… and there arose wind and waves, the boat was thrown from side to side, and the fisherman began to say goodbye to life, but then he saw the Ghost of a girl who was coming at him.

He begged and begged for mercy… in despair, the fisherman took off his pants, and shouted to the Ghost: “I Have nothing, take away the most precious thing, just let me get back to the shore!”… And, the girl, had never seen anything like this… calm down… and the wind in a moment dropped and the sea became calm.

The fisherman, still barely believing in their miraculous escape, returned to the village and told about the incident… So it turned out that manhood was the rescue… Since on this coast began to appear phallic sculpture.

So, Park Hesinde in translation — “the temple of the sea goddess,” got its name because of a girl-virgin, who tragically died, and not knowing which guy was the end

Today, located in a picturesque spot in the sea of Japan Park is a real “thickets” huge phalluses carved out of wood and carved from stone. In the Park there is a small temple, dedicated to the memory of deceased virgins, in which there is a picture of it and there are ceremonies to appease the spirit. The details of the ritual are unknown, but it is unlikely he is associated just with the prayers and incense voskresenyam…

In addition to the regular annual offerings to the spirit, every four years, the Park held a special competition on carving new sculptures. Those sculptures which were carved the winners of such competitions, are exhibited in the Park, providing them with plates showing the name of the author and the date of installation. Probably it is the fact that a selection of sculpture from best explains the fact that even far from the Asian phallic cults and traditions of Europeans, the Park makes an aesthetically pleasant experience.

At the moment there are more than fifty wooden sculptures, and in the future the organizers of the Park plan to install then the whole phallic “thickets”. There in the Park and the picturesque vacation spot on the sea where you can relax surrounded by phallic stone guards each of which is cut a figure. With the deck offers a wonderful view. How must be nice to lie on erotically decorated the bench above the coast in good weather, under a light breeze…

Jesingen — located on the hillside of a coastal Park with a total area of over 28 thousand square meters. Trips unforgettable: fresh sea air, open spaces, amazing views of the sea and cliffs. Therefore, it attracts hundreds of people — and residents of Korea, and foreign tourists.

But the Park attracts not only numerous tourists — here from across the country come young women in an interesting position. It is believed that if you visit the local temple, make sure it’s a boy. In Jesingen come with their families to relax, walk, enjoy the sea air… pair — to ask to arrange their intimate life… and the girls in the waiting position, as already mentioned, from the Park visit essential the birth of the boy…

So good, however, a way — to combine the worship of the gods with the aesthetics.

Useful, so to speak, with a pleasant


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