Many of those who visited the neighbouring us, Primorye, South Korea, on a private experience I know that health care in this country is amazing compared to familiar native language, cultural level, attention, care, not to mention the most modern methods of treatment.

Unlike the oligarchs, who could afford any luxury of the world clinic, ordinary Russians are treated in Korea is not worse, but at very affordable prices. Korea now occupies an active position in the global market of medical tourism. And in the vanguard of this process is the international medical center “Chanson” located in a resort area on the shore of a picturesque lake, a 30-minute drive from Seoul.

No wonder it is called international because specializes in treating foreign patients, the total number reaches 30 percent. This is the largest number of hospitals in Korea, for which the centre received a national award. Besides, the indisputable advantages of the center are the latest medical equipment, a combination of Western and Eastern methods of medicine, which gives particularly good results and a well developed network of partners in Korea and abroad. The center is popular among foreigners because there are a number of free services. This visa support and mediation, translation of medical documents, the calculation of treatment estimates, assistance in visa extension and change the return flight date, meeting at the airport and inexpensive Shuttle service to the hospital and back.

The patient can come accompanying. Free they send you an invitation for visa, and provide free accommodation. The cost of treatment, food, accommodation of the patient using pre-specified helpers in Primorye and Korea. Payment on site is in Korean currency – won (1 US dollar Korean won is equal to 1170).

Usually the solution to many problems in a foreign country turns into stress. However, guests WMC “Chanson” absolutely free from these worries and can concentrate fully on your recovery. It should be emphasized, and such an attractive detail, free initial consultation before coming to Korea. This is done using helpers in both countries. And most importantly, it is a rational pricing policy: packages of medical services, discounts for certain categories of patients – in short, here you will find the prices quite reasonable in comparison with other hospitals of Korea, Europe and America.

In IMC “Chanson” cured many diseases. Why? The centre cooperates closely with other hospitals in Korea and, if necessary, provide special medical services provides free transfer with Russian speaking guide.

And finally, the most significant advantage of the centre is its location in an ecologically clean area. This is truly a Paradise for treatment, rehabilitation and recreation. It features a developed tourist infrastructure for all tastes and at any time of the year.

Universal structure of IMC “Chanson” consists of several areas: family medicine, internal medicine, otolaryngology, neurology, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, General surgery, orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation medicine, dentistry, Oriental medicine, beauty clinic, anesthesiology and pain medicine, center of integrated surveys. You should specifically emphasize the attractiveness of the centre for integrated surveys that help to maintain health and in some cases, if diagnosis made in a timely manner, to save lives.

Usually the examination in the center takes several hours. Sometimes you will need to stay overnight. After the examination, you can receive a doctor’s consultation and a CD with all the images. A week later, the centre sends the patient a detailed printout of test results, conclusion and recommendations of the doctor in Russian. Thus, it is possible to get the invitation and visa not only for treatment but also for passing the examination, making a trip to Korea even more simple, accessible. Also very easy not to come to the hospital and beauty clinic. For example, massage of the face and body.

Preparing for the trip for treatment in Korea, you must have an electronic version of the diagnosis, tests, extracts from the medical history and advance to send all this in IMC in order to expedite the work of doctors and Korean saving you time and money. You can be sure that here absolutely will help. Even in cases of incurable diseases patients receive comfort and relief. For example, here comes a lot of patients from whom the Russian medicine has refused, or for those who already unbearable to endure rough handling in native hospitals. The center is especially beneficial for cancer patients. Many take credit for treatment in Korea. As one patient Finds the townspeople collected money for complex and expensive operation, to do which agreed only in IMC “Chanson”. Incidentally, it was reported in the TV program “Let them talk”.


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