Japan: country of tradition and majestic nature

It is an island state at all times attracts pilgrims, as all the eternal mysteries of the East. Ancient culture, preserved until these days the old traditions on the background of a highly developed economy and high living standards of Japanese people, always interested in the Western world. Many people come here to breathe in this atmosphere, to discover the country of the samurai and the world’s best electronics.

The main part of the territory of Japan is located on four Islands. It — Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku. The island is covered with lush vegetation and volcanoes. The volcanoes of the Japanese attitude, as to the pet, hardly notice them, but always remember them. More than half of the current volcanoes.

In whatever time of year you should not be able to fly to Japan, you do not expect neither the African heat and Arctic frosts. The climate in Japan gold. As expected, as the seasons change. Similar to the European winter, with snow and frost, within reasonable limits, (in Europe, by the way, you start to forget what a normal winter). Summers can be very hot or not as we are. But in spring and autumn in the Japanese Islands – a great the rainy season, the most that is necessary. Just right to envy the Japanese on the background of our anomalies, especially in the current year.

If you ask friends who have already visited Japan, what they remembered most, with high probability the answer is — tradition. I would personally inspected and tried everything concerning Japanese traditions – so I like everything!

The Japanese unfeigned polite and helpful, the hospitality they «blood». A hand shake is not accepted, the greeting is expressed by bows. Moreover, the response is the number of bows must exactly match the number and the reverence given to the other party. It should be remembered! However, know-all-the guides will explain everything.

Foul feast is so traditional and inviolable, the guest country would be fit to write them down and memorize. Otherwise, misunderstandings and even insults cannot be avoided. Pours glasses of the youngest at the table, starting with the oldest, he goes around the Desk and puts the bottle near her and politely waits until he poured the oldest. Keep the bottle properly too. To drink to the bottom – in any case.

Your lifestyle of the Japanese is tied to a small piece of land, but you should have seen how carefully and lovingly they treat the natural environment! All the indigenous inhabitants of the Japanese Islands – a large estate. Many holidays and traditions associated with natural phenomena, as they are able to admire and to celebrate beauty! The contemplation of the cherry blossoms, full moon festival, a celebration of autumn colors – is not a complete list of the Japanese celebrations.

The main food of the Japanese is rice and seafood. It would seem that the menu is quite limited. But you say the words “Japanese restaurant” and will appear before the eyes of endless rows of stunning rice dishes, fish, or seafood. And to them – every conceivable condiment. One of my friend says that the Japanese seasoning such that the stool can be crushed and eaten – will not notice. Extremely versatile in Japanese cooking is the seasoning aji-no-Moto, which literally means “to the root of taste”. Special technology of preparation and execution of dishes – the Japanese have outdone the whole world. However, and not only that.

Another great islanders tradition – tea ceremony. It involves no more than five people, everyone — strictly regulated role, which it is necessary to adhere accurately to the half-step and podvigina. The ceremony takes place in the shadows, even if in the yard the sun brightly shines. It is so Japan!

I can’t imagine how much time to time to inspect and admire at least the main attractions of this island nation. If I had the opportunity, I would have a year living in each country favourite, studied her tradition and language. Would lead there necessarily friends. We need to think about this kind of tourism our travel agents and tour operators. Here’s how to make a tour of Tokyo and Yokohama, mount Fuji and lake Biwa, where the fish itself jumps in your hands? To try at least the basic dishes in Japanese restaurants to appreciate them? And walk in parks Nico and Bonsai – is enough for one or two days?

To make sure that Japan is a unique country, only having been there himself, and all what I want!

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