Japan is a wonderful country with its traditions and customs

Various Japanese dishes is one world, which is characterized as its own unique aesthetics and special rules and laws. And proper adherence to these laws is very significant for Japanese restaurant. Opens new Japanese restaurant.

A variety of Japanese tableware – it is a world characterized by both its wonderful aesthetics and distinctive rules and laws. And the literal preservation of these rules is extremely important for a Japanese restaurant.

Opens its doors to a new Japanese restaurant. Staff recruited and trained, adjusted technical process, equipment, and Japanese tableware purchased. What starts after that – after a couple of weeks, two to three months, 6 months or a year? Personnel often tries to minimize the level of responsibility and the quality of provided services, the technical process is going through adjustments in accordance with the realities of life. And only tableware for Japanese restaurants remains the same as on the first day of the opening of school.

That’s why it’s imperative that the plates were authentic, in other words made by Japanese craftsmen in the mysterious Japan. Only in this case, this cookware can be ideal. Only in this case, it would be valuable to give a special sense, will be propitany special warmth and established customs of the country of the rising sun, is able to not only create a special atmosphere, not only immersing the customer in a stunning and exotic world so significantly different from our life, but also supporting to some extent the attitude and quality of staff.

Tableware for Japanese restaurants – main ingredient of the harmony of spaces, then the kernel around which are built all other parts. The current Japanese would not begin the meal without checking the dishes carefully tailored to cover a table, without estimating the location of the treats and the design. It is no coincidence that state that food in Japan is prepared not so much for the food as for her contemplation. In the poor parts of Japan of past centuries of extreme primitiveness of food was compensated for greatest aesthetics of the table layout. There is nothing here to be partial, every detail is filled with deep spiritual meanings.

One of the qualities that are characteristic of Japanese dishes in General, is that its shape is specially designed to dish effortless to hold it with one hand only. Since according to Japanese culture, the food dish should be kept in one of the arms.

Definitely food for meals in the restaurant, especially Japanese food sushi, no less important than utensils. First of all, products for sushi should be appropriate. Actually for Japanese food, this requirement acquires a special importance. As any European cook them matched the ingredients are thoroughly cooks, puts out, or fry, and sometimes uses a couple kinds of heat treatment in order. Japanese and sushi food for any heat treatment does not go away. Highly experienced Japanese chef, akin to the talented artist who only arranges a chic combination that provided him with a generous nature. He does not aspire to vie with nature, he only wants to sweetly and gently to show all the indescribable wealth and splendor of this product. For this reason, Japanese products undoubtedly needs to be absolutely fresh and first rate, all the same only the best gifts of our planet there is a place on the table demanding gourmet. In particular, it determines the typical secondary trait which is highlighted Japanese foods – an amazing and divine usefulness for health. No wonder the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun adequately considered and included in the number of States with maximum lifespan. The primary role was played by their steadfast fidelity to the centuries-old national cuisine, which failed to break any charm European cuisine, nor the new-fangled eating houses.

Even simply not easy to remember all the huge amount of products, together constituting the concept of «products for Japanese sushi”.

One of the main elements necessarily included in sushi, naturally remains natural ocean fish. The cold waters of the sea of Japan, bordering the land of the rising sun amazingly rich variety of its varieties.

Essential element, which rewards the original land itself extraordinary taste, certainly, schitaetsa grass and seaweed from the ocean. This addition allows you to feel the taste of sea products with radically different side.

Impossible not to say about this product the international, without which today it is impossible to think of Japanese sushi as the rice component. In the end, herself in the past this area was magnified themselves differently – “Empire of rice ears”. The cultivation of rice many periods of life was the main hobby of the inhabitants of the Japanese Islands.

Mandatory added to products for the Japanese sushi and all sorts of condiments – soybean paste miso, sesame oil, traditional soy sauce, without which the Japanese drink except water, soy cheese, Japanese horseradish, and a few others.

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