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The first of February 2009 an international company Divine Performing Arts (DPA) held a speech in honor of the Chinese New year celebrations in the theatre area Cusion, Daegu, Korea. A renowned expert in the field of dance Director of ballet ensemble in Korea, Professor Park Heung the Cai, and praised the speech: “the submission of the DPA carries a vast and powerful energy field. It can open a spiritual component in human nature, and it is well worth a look”.

Mr. Park CSAE HEUNI is also Chairman of the Korean branch of the International dance Association, Vice President of the Korean Academy of dance, member of Council international dance festival (IDF), President of the Korean Association of teachers of dance, President of the center for the arts University Sang Myung. To see the view, he came from Seoul.

In his opinion the DPA performance was unique and perfect: “the Dance was executed in a very unusual art form. The composition was brand new, and it showed the magnificent and powerful beauty. It is very difficult to Express by conventional.

We live in a time of evolving technology. In its submission to the DPA with wisdom uses modern technology. Visual and choreographic effects are flawless. It is very important that this view clarifies the mind of man. Put simply, the DPA brings a genuine and benevolent beauty to the public. This theme in the presentation was consistent from beginning to end.”

Mr. Park studied the art of ballet in Moscow, where he was a leading dancer and choreographer. He received the degree of doctor of arts at Moscow state University and worked at the Moscow University of dance and was the Director of the Board of the Moscow organization of the revival of the ballet.

At a time when the global economy faced a crisis, where would troupe DPA went, I brought a warm atmosphere of traditional Chinese culture that is everywhere highly appreciated. Mr. Park said, “Despite the fact that the world economy is not in the best condition, truly outstanding performances, such as the cast DPA, do not suffer from this.”

Ms. Number Oksza is responsible for maintaining the traditions of Korean folk dance Seonsaengnim (Seungjeonmu). She is an honorary Professor of the Department of folk dances at the national University of Busan. She spoke with excitement: “Graceful dance in harmony with high-tech scenery, and all this together leads us through different historical epochs. They show the battlefields, the lives of ancestors and the people of ancient Eastern civilizations”.

Ms. Number loves fast, rhythmic and energetic dances. The biggest impression made on her “dance of the snow peaks”: “the name of the dance is just wonderful. I enjoyed looking at young boys of Tibet in clothes with long sleeves. They were in a mountainous area on the background of snowy mountains, it was so chaste, so full of life, warmth and real happiness”.

The movements of the dancers were smooth and free, and their costumes flowed easily, with the divine grace that has allowed Mr. same Number feel “like a dream”. She especially admired the perfect backdrop: “Heavenly Gods, Buddhas, deities suddenly descend, then ascend back to heaven, and everything seems so real, as if happening right before our eyes.

Unbelievable to me that DPA combines his great energy with a beautiful natural base. The submission of the DPA leads the audience back to the origins of Chinese history and makes them witnesses to the existence of this sacred Heavenly Kingdom, part of the rich traditional culture”.

Mr. Lee – the specialist in traditional Korean dance, head of dance Academy, said: “as the performance used many legends from Chinese history, admiring the view, we seem to have observed the five thousand years of history China”.

Mr. Lee said he knew that many members of Parliament spoke positively about the concerts of the Divine Performing Arts troupe, so he came to see for himself. “The view showed that the praise was justified. The dancers are just outstanding. Chinese dance unique everything: the costumes and choreography”.

Room “the Dance” was sung by girls nation And, pure as flowers, dressed in their colorful skirts, they were like heavenly fairies, who flew to the human world. This room is most like Mr. Li. “In Korea, too, there is a fan dance, but in dance DPA “Welcoming spring”, the choreography is especially beautiful, the colors are soft and lovely costumes. The design of the background is excellent. I want to learn from someone who has developed it.

The entire performance was top notch, especially liked the light and graceful hand movements of the dancers. I want to adopt them to apply in Korean dance. Their rotation with flowing silk belts different from the Korean style of dancing. The story of Li Bai (“Poetic view”), he added at the end, was very instructive. And I want to encourage all my students to come and watch the performance of DPA!”

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