Organization of a party in Oriental style

Scenario party in Japanese style

You are tired of the same type of gatherings at home for the holidays table in front of TV?

Then you just need to organize a Japanese themed party, it is suitable to dress, to decorate the room of course and to think through the kitchen.

In Japanese culture you will find a strong culture of food, of clothing that are radically different from what we consider commonplace.

Birthday in a kimono

To organize a birthday party in the Japanese style is not an easy task, requiring the organizer’s efforts and careful selection of scenery.

The first thing you should consider is of course the interior space.

As the country is famous for a minimalist, no need to pile on the space, you should clean the table and replace it with tatami mats, special mats that cover the floor in Japanese house.

Walls can be decorated with fans, but from the lighting it is desirable to withdraw and use candles or special lamps, it should be as natural. As a lamp it is possible to take a glass bowl filled with water and put flowers and floating candles.

To give the atmosphere of Japanese elegance you can use scented candles in Eastern style.

The music of the rising sun

The important point in the scenario, the Eastern party is the choice of musical accompaniment. First follow focus on the mood that you want to cast it. Japanese music is composed of many different genres from contemporary to folk motives.

To give a philosophical touch to the atmosphere you can listen to the lyrics, and for more fun parties you can use j-rock or j-pop. You can also use Japanese folk music. On the Internet you can find exactly what will appeal to you.

Makeup and clothes

One of the most exciting stages of training in Japan-the party is the transformation, selection of clothing, makeup and hairstyle.

The main canons of beauty of the Japanese are big eyes, light pale skin, small lips. To make the Asian eyes shape you can draw arrows. Hair can smoothly be stacked and assembled in a high bun or ponytail. You can also decorate the head with flowers.

Girls can also hold a fan. You can become a geisha to wear bright colourful kimono to make up with red lips, etc. Men can transform into the samurai’s harsh, wear appropriate clothing, take up the sword and of course enter into the image of the Japanese warrior.

In addition to the standard images can be a neko girl (cat) and a sumo wrestler. You can experiment with Caspian and become the heroes of the manga or anime. The main thing that your image came to you in spirit.

Japanese entertainment and contests

Original entertainment will be able to diversify favourite recreation. Prepare some origami patterns and try to fold them. You can also practice the art of ikebana from dried flowers to create something. You can try to convert your cactus into a bonsai element. Karaoke will also be appropriate.

Gathering of guests: welcome

The guest names can be converted to the Eastern way. To each name, you can add the endings: -xico, -zu, -let, -si, -hay, etc.

Also to conversion, you can add the prefix “San”. It certainly will amuse your guests.

To welcome the Japanese who came to the party in the house is Asian style. You can say “Konichiwa” — it is so greet in Japan, or “Ohau”. At the table after raising the glass should say “Kampai”. Thank you very much in Japanese sounds like “Arigato gozaimasu”.

The likeness of our “Bon appetit” is the phrase “Itadakimas”.

You can try to portray the characters, because this is a difficult but exciting experience. Should be a little bow when meeting, thus expressing respect.

Enjoy Asian buffet

When all of the previous points made, you should start cooking and setting the table. It is necessary to use only plates of rectangular shape, and various saucers and everything in the Japanese style. On the Internet you can find a huge number of national dishes, drinks which will be pleasant for the guests.

Traditionally for the party in East style will be to prepare the land, because the training itself and the process is very interesting. The rolls and sushi can have all sorts of toppings and cooking techniques. Many dishes with noodles, rice, vegetables, fish, but remember soy sauce.

You need to eat special sticks, if this is difficult, you can hold special contests and play plugs.

Unusual Japanese contests

As a contest you can try to guess the meaning of Asian Proverbs. Consider a few of them and their Russian counterparts.

Between the eye and the nose. – At hand;

To learn at 60 years too late. – Never too late to learn;

Hard to tell who’s the older brother and who the younger. – A pair;

Looking for a needle on the bottom of the river. – Looking for a needle in a haystack;

In flew the open mouth of a pie. – As manna from heaven;

And many others.

The contest titled “Funny haiku”

As you know haiku is a Japanese poetry genre, but there are more gay Russian analogs of such rhymes. Guests may revere you and who will do it more convincingly and will get used to the role of the Japanese poet, and he won. Examples of such rhymes:

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