Sexual relationship in Japan


Japanese sex is quite diverse and has many faces.

The first is the traditional mask of hypocritical restraint. Virtuous moderation for both spouses, and marriage is sacred. The percentage of children born out of wedlock has remained stable for the past 25 years and is 1.1%. Until recently, sexual partnership before marriage was considered wrong. Now this is not a very widespread practice rarely receives public approval. Another face – lush and outright pornography. Vending machines ready to give a set of journals for adults are literally on every corner. You can buy them at any time of the day or night, without a word. They include not only men’s magazines with obscene pictures, pages and stories are very risky of humor. In political or secular magazines also meet such inserts, and in major daily Newspapers often print erotic novels. Manga – the brilliant world of comics including adults – is often the engine for a very creative and exciting imagination of erotica.

Prostitution is officially prohibited, that does not prevent to exist the red-light districts. Flyers barely covered clothes Babes and their phone numbers Rosaviatsia nightly packs in the mailboxes of ordinary citizens. More and more College students are drawn into the sex industry. To get in this world a simple proposition – there are Dating clubs, mobile phones and pagers. Form of payment cash or trendy clothes from expensive boutiques. Sex with a girl of school age now so in Vogue that even Mature women often dress up in school uniform.

Unrequited, Platonic love is another side of the sex Japanese. Ecstatic virginity has always attracted sentimental Japanese. The fate of the lovers born under an unlucky star and vowing to be forever to be chaste and faithful to each other, makes us tremble with excitement Japanese heart – now we can finally understand why in most Japanese films, the two lovers into each other the main characters definitely die in the end! Well, or at least one of them. The physical part of love in marriage is also ambiguous. The Japanese prefer to defer marriage until later or altogether shy away from this step. In the country has declined each year the number of registered marriages. Today 54% of women in Japan, welcoming its thirtieth anniversary, not married, and this is by 30.6% more than in 1985. About half of unmarried Japanese women aged 35 to 54 years old and not getting married. Family same couples are forced to huddle with the children, and often also with parents, in a tiny apartment and no less than tiny houses with sliding paper partitions between the rooms, leaving almost no chance for intimate secrets. So the poor are forced to seek anonymity elsewhere – the love hotels. Love hotels scattered across Japan: it is a tasteless building, in style resembling anything from the wedding cake to an ocean liner – but there you can rent a room by the hour. Coming to such school, women of decency bend down almost to the floor of the machine – God forbid, someone will see! – however, closing the door behind him, they can feel very safe here no one sees. Disembodied hands take money, doors open by remote control. All visitors, of course, Soto. But nevertheless, over the last few years visiting such hotels greatly reduced and, worse, those who still uses the services of such institutions, arrive at the hotel for love-making, but only because “love hotels” provide the cheapest access to karaoke and video games (!).

The result of all these trends has been the annual reduction in the birth rate. In 2003 was born in Japan, only 1.1 million babies, although the average Japanese family still was 1,32 child. However, this is not enough, because simple reproduction of the population in every family shall be not less than 2,08 child. The scientists ‘ predictions for the future are disappointing: after 2006, the expected sharp decrease in the population of Japan.

Some statistics: 32% of couples and 28% of men and 34% women in the break between the two sex is more than a month. And 19% of spouses haven’t had sex in over a year. The survey was conducted among the 3 thousand people aged 16 to 49 years. And as the study showed, the main reason of this timidity and shyness of Japanese people, when you need to talk to your partner about problems in sexual relationships. In addition, 44% of couples who have a long time never had sex, call him “tedious”. The same view is held by 31% of sexually active couples.

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