Telephone communication in Japan

In Japan, there are two standard cell phone CDMA and 3G. In this regard, the tourists often have questions, will it work their cell phone in Japan, and if not, to provide cellular connectivity.

Here are a few options:

Rent a phone and insert your SIM card . You will have your old number. All who call you will dial your regular phone number and will not even suspect that you are in Japan. You to call to Russia, you must dial the international access code of Russian connections and the desired phone number.

Rent a phone in Narita airport and business rooms is very large hotels (Hotel Imperial, New Otani, Hyatt, Four Seasons). The rental price of — $ 10 per day (including insurance in case of loss or theft). Plus you also pay for outgoing calls according to the tariff of your network provider.

For renting the phone, you need: your passport, working in Japan credit card. Do not forget your pin-code to the SIM card. You will need to enter to connect the SIM card to the phone.

Rent a Japanese phone number . A good option — to rent a Japanese cell phone. You will have a Japanese phone number. All who call you will have to dial the international code regarding Japan and this same phone number. You should do the same for calls to Russia.

To rent a phone at Narita airport and business rooms is very large hotels (Hotel Imperial, New Otani, Hyatt, Four Seasons). The cost of such lease — 105,– yen a day (to insurance is added 315 yen per day in case of loss or theft). Plus you also pay for outgoing calls at the rate of Japanese Telecom operator (about 157,– yen minute call). Input calls are free.

For renting the phone, you need your passport and working in Japan credit card.

Rent a Japanese SIM card . You rent a Japanese SIM-ku and insert it into your phone. As a result you will have a Japanese number, like if you took a phone rental. Rent the SIM is 105 yen per day. Input calls are free.

The main condition — your phone should work on 3G. Check of SIM is carried out on the spot. So if the SIM coy will be problems, you will not give it and offer another version of the telephone.

Rent a SIM-ku can only be in Narita airport. For renting the phone, you need your passport and working in Japan credit card.

Local special to buy the phone . Softbank is selling special phones for tourists. The phone you buy a special phone card prepaid (pre-paid card) and enter her number into the phone. The phone starts to work like a normal Japanese with regular Japanese phone number. Upon exhaustion of the limit on the card need to buy a new one. Cards are sold in all convenience stores across Japan. The phone costs 80 dollars. Input calls are free.

When you are leaving Japan, the phone can throw out or take with you as a souvenir. Phones are sold at the airport in the Softbank shop in any store throughout Softbank Japan.

To buy the phone, you need only your passport. Payment by card or cash.

A multimedia phone . Latest Nokia models are available with simultaneous support for multiple standards of mobile communication — 3G and GSM. If you like this phone, and your carrier for roaming charges you have paid, then upon arrival in Japan you can call home right off the plane.

Other options :

You can make calls from the hotel. International call costs will be charged to your account. The cost of calls around the city is literally pennies.

You can buy a regular phone card and call from a phone booth grey in Japan.

WiFi connection

Recently, international airports in Japan you can rent a mobile WiFi Hotspot . And mobile Internet throughout Japan. You get to rent a small box which you connect your personal phone, iPad or computer via password-protected Wi-Fi and go online and you can talk with your friends via Skype, send emails and surf the Internet. Look at the airports arrival halls of stands with a sign XCOMGlobal. For lease again you need a passport and a working credit card. Rental price: 945 yen per day + insurance 367 yen a day + external battery 210 yen a day.

Here is another option: the company Global Advanced Communications. Their Wi-Fi router you can order directly on their site. Warrant a refund of his credit card, and they give you the router directly to the hotel. Upon departure, you just mail the hotel they send it back. It is very convenient. Using a Wi-Fi router you can in Japan to enjoy all their gadgets (iPhone/iPad — Skype, Viber, email) and for example to plot routes on Google Maps to attractions of interest to you.


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