The Japanese festival of phalluses.

In Japan spring has come. But with the arrival of spring on the Islands is an unusual holiday, the main objects of which were. phalluses and vaginas. The roots of this entertaining festival back to ancient times – 1500 years ago. During the festival, people pray for the birth of children and good harvest.

Festival of phalluses called “Kanamara”, was launched in Kawasaki on April 5.

An elderly Japanese man prays at the Cathedral of Tagata in the city of Komaki. Traditional festival of Kanamara (Utamaro) is held each spring, it marks the beginning of the flowering and glorifies fertility.

Japanese waits for the start of the ceremony next to carved from Japanese cypress in the phallus 198 cm

Men carry a huge phallus to the temple. This procession is accompanied by loud screams, applause and hoots from the audience. The temple is not far, but to convey this figure, it takes about one and a half hours.

During the ceremony, the phallus need some times to turn around. It is believed that the touch of a woman the main symbol of the festival ensures harmony in the family and offspring, childless

This ceremony originated from the ancient Japanese belief that for the birth and development of all living things, it is necessary that mother earth was impregnated by the father sky.

Men with effort are a huge vagina to the Ogata Shrine during the festival in Hamadene

Men touching vagina sacred

The decoration on one of the moving scenery at the parade in Hamadene.

People come to the festival, when they want to have children. They believe that worship to the symbols of procreation will help them to have offspring.

In Japan registered one of the lowest levels of fertility in the world, with 1.37 children per woman. In the evening when it gets dark a little, in the sky are launching sky lanterns in the form of phalluses

Candy in the shape of phalluses is one of the most popular products on Japanese shelves during the famous festival

In addition to candy popular bananas in chocolate as well as figurines and Souvenirs on holiday-themed

Japanese young people having fun with candies in the shape of phalluses.

Another product that enjoys great popularity in the days of the holiday – ashtrays in the shape of phalluses and vaginas

Sellers famous candy

A merchant of wooden Souvenirs. At the end of the first day of the festival in the crowd throwing pink and white rice balls.

This is a simplified version of the Shinto fertility festival, during which the main image body parts men appear on mobile platforms in parades

On the feast of the men wore masks, apparently to colleagues did not know, and in outlandish costumes. They demonstrate the dignity of all men with huge penises, made of papier-mache.

Candy appropriate form!

During the celebrations dedicated to the fertility, the crowd is the streets image of the phallus in a small part.

In Nagano at the annual festival that exposed the phallus of enormous dimensions

The temple, which traditionally carry a statue of a phallus, was built in the period of Meals, donations of prostitutes, which paid for the temple to pray in it for protection from diseases, especially from syphilis

The phallic cult has settled in Japan in ancient times, for the Japanese, feeling like an integral part of nature, deduced a formula,directly the problems of fertility, including productivity of the land, with the processes of insemination and procreation.

According to legend, in ancient times, one goddess, patroness of Japan, there was a problem in the sack*****e is an evil demon. Yes, and biting – and he took all the members of her lovers, in which she, until that day never knew

The appearance of the demon ruined the strawberry. Thus, it should be noted that exactly the same as you, Japanese medicine in those times, such cases were also not known.

Now such cases are, of course, treatment from psychiatrists, but those times, in desperation, the goddess turned to a Japanese blacksmith

The blacksmith thought for a while – and bound first in the history of mankind fall of the steel*******op. Him about the evil devil teeth and broke.

In recent years it has become tradition to bear on a stretcher pink phallus. The porters themselves also dress up in pink clothing, the most obvious and simple way of declaring that they portray women.

Kanamara festival (Matsuri Kanamara) was conducted from the beginning of the seventeenth century until 1868-the year. 130 years later were anathema and oblivion. But in the last decade the tradition of holding these festivals in Japan was revived under the slogan of struggle against AIDS

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