The strangest fashion trend

The so-called advanced mode constantly gives rise to discussions about their oddities. And in the modern world, when the boundaries of what is permitted and illicit, ethical and immoral, a barely noticeable, sometimes extreme fashion acquires amazing shape.

And in different countries appear underage twins of Hitler, jewelry for the eyes or real elven boots. About these and some other strange modern fashion trends can be read in a small article below.

Last year Hitler “captured” Bangkok – the part of the Thai capital, which is relevant to the world of fashion. Still there continues a real «watermania” – cartoon images of the Fuhrer mold on shirts, sweaters, posters, wherever.

Foreign journalists explain that this trend is related to growing here (as, indeed, elsewhere) by ignorance, and not with the fascist sentiments of the youth of Thailand.

2. Japan – Gothic Lolita

The Japanese meaning of the name “Lolita” is different from the Western one. To the rising sun country it is associated with popular subculture that involves wearing clothing fashioned after the Victorian era. True, dark Gothic aesthetics in the embodiment of Japanese teenagers “narrow” to “vampire” in understanding the 15-year-old. And an indispensable attribute of the Japanese Gothic Lolitas – an umbrella, because the sun for the vampire – the first enemy.

3. Mexico – elven boots

For some reason cowboy boots with unusually long noses had suddenly gained a crazy popularity among Mexicans. Why they turned up these skis and how they walk in them, we can only guess.

4. The whole world – legginsy

Survived. Men are embracing their own version of women’s tight leggings, which are now gaining popularity worldwide as a full replacement of the pants. And well even if a male athlete or dancer some with perfect shapes. But with all the male population of not more than 0.1% – much less those who want to be fashionable.

5. The Netherlands – jewelry for the eyes

In the human body was one part, which until recently fashion not attempted – the eye. We, of course, painted all around, inserted contact lenses of different colors, etc. but the eyeballs remain untouched. And this is understandable, who would risk her eyes? It turned out the Dutch for the sake of fashion even ready for that.

New technology allows inserting into the eye small clove of precious metals. This technology was developed in Rotterdam 8 years ago and have delighted teenage girls and their parents, of course – in despair. The authors of the idea argue that the procedure is completely harmless, although specialists-opticians from it in horror and was referred to as madness. Anyway, still more Dutch willing to risk my sight to a tiny heart or a Crescent, gleaming in the eye.

And since we are talking about the eyes…

6. Canada – eye tattoo

It is fair to say that these tattoos make for a long time. However, before they tried to cover up the defects – for example, scars on the cornea. New fashion trend – to change the color of the whites of the eyes. For this purpose, under the top layer of the eyeball injected with a special ink.

7. Japan – Mamba

Mamba – the most radical version of the style ganguro – very popular among Japanese teenage girls. It includes a dark as a Negro, the color of the skin and the war paint – usually in dark brown two tone paint of white island and around the eyes discolor hair, achieving an unnatural silvery-white hue. The makeup complemented the clothes being loud.

The goal – as far as possible away from traditional Japanese standards of beauty.

8. China – faccini

The name of this new beach fashion peep stands for “bikini for the face”. Whatever Association she did not cause, its purpose – only to protect tender faces of the Chinese women from the scorching rays of the sun.

9. Japan – a bagel in my forehead

And again Japan. Another creepy fashion – young people make a forehead injection of saline solution to create a bulge in the form of a donut. They probably think it’s beautiful. The beauty of this, to happiness, temporary – during the day the solution is absorbed by the body, and the forehead restores old form.

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