Weird sexy Japanese tradition

Strange foreplay to the wedding of a Japanese.

Until recently widespread in the Japanese Outback custom Yobai or “Stalker of the night” – was, so to speak, an introduction to sexuality for many young people. Yobai was as follows: in the room of a sleeping girl (well, not quite girl) slipped a mysterious stranger, it was attached behind and ambiguously announced their intentions. If the young lady had no objections, the couple had sex until the morning, trying to make as little noise as possible, after which the visitor may have also quietly departed.

Logically, the young man-IObit would have to be familiar with the girl and her family. Often yobai – was a kind of prelude to the future wedding, and my parents supposedly did not notice the secret visits and, allegedly, heard nothing, yet believed that the love of the game is finished, “caught” yabasta, publicly reproached, he blushed and agreed, and a few days later the couple went down the aisle to indulge in sex already on the lawful bases.

But it often happened that during the harvest, when the farmer hired alien workers, so to speak, he had to be ready for the fact that sleeping with him under one roof, the workers could choose his daughter for the object yobai. In some cases, a group of young people went several miles to a neighboring village, and then became yobai exciting night adventure with an absolute stranger.

One can only assume that some not particularly lucky with the girls, and they found themselves in a strange position – he climbed into the house and found a sleeping ugly, there was no turning back: only forward, only hardcore. Because otherwise the boy could be accused of theft and, God forbid, on the spot and they decided.

In fact, solid the girl’s consent and not required yobai not considered rape, the main thing to observe some rules:

In the house need to get naked (in Fokuoka not to attack the naked man who came to his house, because he, most likely, joba deals, not theft). Even being completely naked, you should try to observe silence. You want to practice safe sex to cover his face with a cloth or mask to protect yourself and the lady from shame if she suddenly, for some reason, starts yelling, “help! Rape!”

A time-honored tradition of national treatment “coolness” among teenagers and lonely men in Japanese is called yobai. And Yes, this is exactly what you think the solution lay in sexual intercourse with women by night.

The ancient Japanese method of choosing a partner was uncomplicated as a corner of the house: at sunset the men took the chest warm sake for courage in the darkness and slowly walked through the village. Near the house with wobbeling free the girl they were playing rock-scissors-paper, losers continued exercise, and the winner was stripped naked, crept quietly into the house straight to the girl in the bed, gently woke her and invited to have some fun. If she was willing, joba went on to final exhaustion. The girl could refuse, then the gentleman in the same way you went to dress and go home. The noise was not made, in the house of people asleep, and the refusal is a refusal.

Also stripped naked for a very simple and practical reason: by wearing night clothes accurately identified the thief and cut without further ADO. And honest man in a strange house clothes don’t need it, in which case, just came a little poyavitsa to the neighbors and clean. Today you are my sister, tomorrow I’m your daughter, sacred tradition, from their ancestors. Was in yabai and safe sex: the girl could come with a bag on his head. Jobar-anonymous so use protection from shame in case of failure.

And sometimes yobai was just a prelude to marriage: the bride’s parents for some time “not noticed” the nightly visits of the groom naked and then caught the couple together and then blessed the young.

The current Japanese elderly, as they say, remember the times free yobai with nostalgia, especially those who grew up in the village and found the tradition in its pristine purity free. And the erotic scenes Japanese contemporary media art, when a hero is attached to a sleeping girl and is excited, is likely to grow from yobai.

The young guys-the townspeople practiced and Joby away. Company of 3-7 people went to the village far from their own city and there each chose a goal. One reason for this departure was the fact that if the “sneaky” caught the girl’s parents were very ashamed he was not.

Jobi still practiced in some remote corners of Japan, but most parts of the tradition has faded away.

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